Unfortunately, people leave school every year without any A Level qualifications. They may then go on to do a number of different things with their lives before thinking of returning to education.

Many distance learning A Level qualifications have an online element in that you can liaise with your individual tutor via email as well as using forums to discuss your course with others who are doing the same one.

In the rest of this article we’ll look at some of the groups of people who decide to have a second go at achieving the A Level qualifications they want.

  • High achievers

It’s not just people who have already left school that choose to do online qualifications. Younger school pupils with an obvious talent in a particular subject may decide to fast-track their learning to gain their qualifications earlier than their peers.

For example, someone who has consistently excelled at maths may feel frustrated if they’re learning at school when their grasp of the subject is that of someone much older. By studying for online qualifications at GCSE or A Level, they can still stay at school with their friends while they learn at their own pace in their own time.

  • People who want to go to college or university

Many people who left school with GCSEs and no A Levels at all may decide their career path isn’t for them and try to go to college or university. Most courses will have entry requirements which will include good A Level passes in relevant subjects.

Giving up a part-time or full-time income to study for A Levels isn’t easy. By studying via distance learning, there is the opportunity to earn and study at the same time.

  • Young parents

Every year school pupils find themselves in the situation of unexpectedly becoming parents. This obviously plays havoc with the potential to study for exams. With an extra mouth to feed, the only alternative for many is to go out and find work as soon as possible.

Once things have settled down and their children have gotten older, many young parents decide to go back and finish their education. If they’re beyond school age then distance learning GCSEs or A Levels provide a route back into studying that fits around their childcare commitments.