” We’re educated far above the level of our performance. ” This says I have adapted those wise for me. In that spirit, I would like us to a very important concept for anyone in a leadership position.

Curiosity can be defined as: the desire to learn or know about anything;

Curiosity. Like children, great people have an innate desire to learn from their environment. Hunger is encouraging them to ask questions and to explore how all this new information affects their lives.

In Clarity: Focusing on What Matters, week 26 is all about how our character is formed by curiosity. Not only is it a trait, but curiosity is an emotion, and it is driven by emotion, you will be guided to explore, investigate and learn.

That explains why people who live their emotions and turning their heads from their natural curiosity and manage to find the facts. The left side of the brain to set goals. The right side comes up with a creative answer. Did you know that the best leaders and problem solvers are those who exercise regularly to be curious?

I remember my niece Kylie first discovered his shadow. It was so beautiful to watch him on summer nights. He will raise his hand and almost jumped again when he saw his reflection did the same thing. Now he was five and did not even stop to see it. He was busy and the shadows have other things to discover and learn about.

However, her aunt does not make sense to always lose when a natural wonder that stirred mine. I just finished a walk with a friend and her children. The children shouted ”STOP” and made us come back and see. There are flowers that had bloomed and we just walked past them. Shame on me! So glad I was dragged back to the smell of flowers.

I invite you to greet the day you’re curious. It gives you a good listener and more productive.