You’ve heard of beauty boxes, right? Those little boxes you receive in the post every month with beauty samples in. Those little boxes cost $10/month. I’m game. And I received my first one last week.

There are loads of different boxes you can get, but I opted for the GlossyBox but only because it was the first one I came across! Now… I’ve opted in for most of them. Before I go on, I’m all-American. So I’ve made sure I can give anyone across the pond an example – that’ll be the Birch Box.

Onto my box…


  1. HD Brows Eye and Brow Palette
  2. Mary Greenwell Plum Eau de Parfum
  3. L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil
  4. StriVectin SD Eye Concentrate
  5. Nuxe HuileProdigieuse® / HuileProdigieuse Or®

I’ve not tried the HD Brows kit yet because, well, I’m not a fan of powdered eyebrow things. I’m more of an eyebrow pencil kinda gal. But as eyeshadow, I can definitely see it being a great little product.

The Plum perfume is just divine. When you first smell it in the bottle it’s a bit “grandma” but once it’s on it’s really subtle. And very feminine. I’d probably wear it if I was going to a fancy pants restaurant, but not for a night out on the town. For that, you need a bit more oomph!

Now, the Mythic Oil. Oh my lord. It’s a piece of heaven for your hair. I’m always skeptical about hair products because I’ve spent so much money on taming my frizzy hair, and had no results. Until now. Even though it’s an oil, it’s very light so don’t be scared to put it on washed hair. You won’t reverse the affects of shampoo. I use 2 squirts on damp hair, and my hair stays frizz free and soft until I next wash it. I’ve not tried it on dry hair yet but I’ve heard good things!

I’ve not had a chance to try the Eye Concentrate yet, purely because I don’t have dark circles or wrinkles (yeah, I’m lucky). Even on 4 hours sleep, I don’t need to use it. I think I’ll give it to my mom because, well, age isn’t very kind to your eye area. I’ll let you know how she gets on.

And finally, the Nuxe HuileProdigieuse® (yeah, that’s copy & paste – I’m not going to try to spell it). In simple terms, this is a simple shimmer oil that you can put anywhere you want, well, shimmer. This is only a sample size, but if you wanted to use it on your cheeks it’ll last a good few months because you only need a drop. It makes your skin glow and gives a bronzed finish. Perfect for Autumn when you’re missing the summer sunshine.

Overall I’d give my GlossyBox a 9 out of 10. I can only hope that my other boxes are packed with just as many great products as this one.

So what are your thoughts on beauty boxes? Do you get any? Positive/negative experiences? Let me know!